About Us

Search Experts was founded in 2010 by Tamanna Ahuja – ex-Google and Google New Zealand’s first employee. The big idea behind this initiative was to support agencies and companies that have heavily invested in Search Marketing. It’s been a challenge for the SEM industry worldwide – to find the right people to manage search and derive consistent results from it. It is indeed even harder to retain good talent in the same company. The need for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) skills has tremendously increased over the last decade. The demand has always exceeded the supply. Search Experts has endeavoured to step in to manage Google Adwords for digital agencies & direct companies in New Zealand and world wide for as long as it is required. We love having long term clients, who doesn’t? But we also cater to short term needs – as and when they crop up.

The Team at Search Experts are ex-Google employees. Most of the team have been attached with Search Experts right from the time of inception and hence comes along – a really valuable wealth of knowledge and experience working across different industries, big and small advertisers – worldwide.

Are we an agency? We get chunk of the work from advertising agencies and a few direct advertisers and we fit in like an extended team. So, the answer is no. If you are looking for an agency to cater to your SEM needs you’re probably better off working with one of our clients.

Search Experts has done really well as a business and provided opportunities to a lot of talented people who left the corporate world for work-life balance. We’re great at what we do because we give equal importance to our personal life. We adjust to individual needs and work with each other’s strengths and the glass is always full. Our business has thrived heavily on word of mouth referral and continues to keep us busy year on year.

Search Experts focuses on not just bringing on board people – who are passionate and highly skilled with SEM but those who can be trusted with managing your investments in a responsible manner. The skill to make the investment work harder comes with a lot of hard work and experience and we all have plenty of it. If this is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. We’d love to hear from you!