We’re passionate about what we do and some of us live and breathe SEM. There is so much to learn and experience in this dynamically changing world of digital marketing and we would love to share our stories, best practice and knowledge with you.

Are you an agency or a company looking to train their staff or an individual wanting to create a solid career in SEM? Contact us to book in some time to discuss your needs for training and we’ll tailor it for you.

Here are some options for you to choose from – All these sessions are going to be Skype based for individuals or small groups

Google Adwords

Beginners Course In Adwords – We’ll teach you all that needs you to pass your Adwords Fundamentals exam and give you hands on practice to gain enough confidence to pass your exams. We will also cover using the offline Adwords Editor tool.

Advanced Course In Adwords – You should have passed your Adwords Fundamentals to sit for this course. We will take you through complex campaign set ups, campaign optimisation process, reporting and tailor the course to help you achieve advanced knowledge in Adwords in general or make it specific to the industry you may want to specialise in. We will also cover topics such as Ad Extensions, Dynamic Search Ads, RLSA, Google Shopping etc.

Google Display Network – We will cover all the aspects you need to know about setting up and optimising the performance of Google Display Network campaigns including the different targeting options. We will also cover setting up remarketing lists in Adwords and Google Analytics and show you how you can set up remarketing campaigns.

Google Analytics – We will show you how to set up and Google Analytics account, link Adwords, setting up goals, analyse data for Search and Google Display Network. We will give you hand on experience in optimising the performance of campaigns using Google Analytics data.

Search Estimates – We often get asked how to come up with the right budget for a campaign? We will show you how we do it to get the best outcomes from a campaign efficiently.


Facebook Advertising – A beginners course to help you understand when to use Facebook to promote business. Everything you need from setting up the campaigns to optimising the performance – will be covered in the training. We will also cover Facebook remarketing.

Bing & Yahoo

A walk through with the Bing and yahoo advertising platforms to help you set up and optimise the performance of campaigns.